I love you

I like simple guys.

A guy that can make me laugh no matter what mood I’m in. Someone that I can joke around with knowing they wont get mad. Someone I can be comfortable with, and not have things awkward. If you can keep me laughing, then you can most definitely keep me on my toes. A guy who will accept me for who I am and won’t try to change me.

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I like you, I really do.


The more I spend my days talking to you, the deeper I find myself falling for you. You’re not perfect but then again, no one is. However, your imperfections are works of art in my eyes. Your voice has became my favorite song. Your name grew to be my favorite black and white letters that pop up in my inbox. You have me head over heels for you. You don’t overdo anything, so naturally, you have me wanting more of you and all of you. I like you, a lot and I love the way you make feel.

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I like having someone there.

Someone who makes me forget about everything else. Someone who does the most randomest things just to make me laugh. Someone I can fall asleep with and wake up to. Someone I can joke around with and end up smiling every time. Overall, someone who gives me the feeling of happiness again.

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